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Several people have asked us where our favorite places are in the Bay Area and our suggestions of places to visit either for themselves or for ideas as to where to take visitors. Recently my daughter Lizzie and her husband Ric visited from England for a couple of weeks. We thought it would be a good […]

Another trip to San Juan Bautista, goody, goody. Once again we stayed overnight in the ‘Little House’. The day started very well. We planned to drive to San Juan, buy coffee at Vertigo and go to the house for breakfast. Our plans had a set back though. As we were approaching San Juan, we suddenly […]

We have explored wine areas in distant parts of California but there are some much nearer to home. Today we took the short ride to Gilroy, first having breakfast at OD’s Kitchen in the center of town. Before we left home we made a list of the wineries which were a bit off the beaten […]

We waddled out of Zachary Jacques and continued on Pleasant Valley Road.  It was indeed a very pleasant valley.  Shady pine trees line the road with an occasional redwood.  Every so often we passed nice houses nestled amongst the trees or perched on small rises with pastures surrounding them.  Goats and horses grazed in the […]

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