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Today we were a bit confused when we woke up.  I have a radio wave clock and it showed the right time but Tom’s alarm was an hour ahead.  It took some time to work that that in fact the clocks had gone back an hour during the night. (Click on the photos for larger versions) […]

Today promises to be bright and sunny so we decided to drive to San Francisco and do one of the staircase walks from’ Stairway Walks in San Francisco’ by Adah Bakalinsky.  I picked an area neither of us has ever been to – Diamond Heights.  We set Molly (our nickname for the GPS) to get […]

The weather forecast was not good, 60% change of rain with temperatures in the low 50’s. We decided though, come hell or high water, we would go up to the city today. For the past few weeks we have been cooped up at home either due to rain or sickness. At 6:30 AM we set […]

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