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The Walnut Avenue Cafe is in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz. On Sundays it opens at 8 am and we were outside with half a dozen other hungry customers just before 8 waiting for it to open. Outside there are a few tables with bright red and white plastic tablecloths under red umbrellas. The […]

Our visit to Zachary’s didn’t start too well due to GPS problems but all of that was soon forgotten when we eventually reached our destination. Zachary’s is on Pacific Avenue in the downtown area of Santa Cruz. From the outside it doesn’t look all that imposing but don’t be fooled by that. Inside it is […]

Año Nuevo is our main destination today. This is the best time of the year to see the elephant seals because both the females and the males are in residence. The females came ashore in December to give birth to their pups and the males arrived a bit later to start organizing their harems. Between […]

Now for a completely different experience. The Samba Rock Acai Cafe on Water Street looks unimpressive from outside, apart from the bright green and yellow mural on the wall. At first glance the inside appears extremely basic. The floor is unpainted concrete and the walls and ceiling are painted bright red and are covered in […]

Today the weather forecast said it was going to be a nice day so we set off for the coast. Tom had rented an expensive Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 Zoom Lens for three days and after spending time yesterday getting used to it in the backyard, he was itching to get out and use it. We […]

Zachary’s is on Pacific Avenue, which is the main shopping street in Santa Cruz. The town itself is a magnet for the footloose and fancy free and we do not often venture onto this street, which is a shame because there are some good restaurants here. I’m always looking out for breakfast places and Zachery’s […]

I read an article recently (can’t remember which magazine it was in) about the botanical gardens at Santa Cruz.  I checked their website and looked at the map to see where they were.  I didn’t see the actual address but they were on Empire Grade and from its position on the map  it looked like, traveling from Santa Cruz, they were […]

We have wanted to try Cafe Brasil for some time but it has either not been open when we are passing (it opens at 8 a.m.) or there is a line out the door.  According to the reviews, it is worth a visit, so here we are. The outside of the building is striking – […]

It was a little foggy over the Santa Cruz mountains when we set out but it should clear by 8 a.m.  As we drove over the summit, the fog was thick.  It was remarkable how few cars had their headlights on. First stop in Santa Cruz was the Boardwalk.  The streets around the Boardwalk are […]

We are off to our favorite place on the San Mateo Coast – Franklin Point.  Let’s hope it is not fog bound this time.  According to the weather forecast, it looks as though Santa Cruz will be clear and bright but there is fog at Half Moon Bay.  Franklin Point is between the two, so […]

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