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On to our favorite spot – Franklin Point. Even though we did not really plan where we were going, somehow I knew we would end up here. The place draws us because it is unique.

This morning we overslept and didn’t get away as early we wanted to. The drive over the Santa Cruz mountains was as beautiful as ever. Our destination today is Pescadero State Beach. In November, 2009 we did a post on some of San Mateo beaches between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay and said in […]

It was a foggy morning when we set off from home for Bean Hollow Beach but the forecast said the sun would burn off the fog. We were slightly concerned that the Santa Cruz mountain range would be fog bound, which would have made the drive a little scary, but miraculously the fog disappeared as […]

It was a beautiful day and we were off to Filoli. A lot of you may not know where, or even what, is Filoli, so I will explain.  The Filoli estate is situated in Woodside on 654 acres just south of Crystal Springs. It was built  between 1915 and 1917 by Mr. and Mrs. William […]

Every once in a while we have to visit Franklin Point to enjoy the utter tranquility of the place.  See previous posts here, here and here. It was a last minute decision because we had other plans for this weekend, which were thwarted. We were going to Nevada City to look over a couple of […]

This is our first trip for a couple of weeks as we have been inundated with storms. Tomorrow the storms will return but today there is no rain and, in fact, the sun is shining. We had not made any plans to go anywhere because we were not sure exactly what the weather would be […]

Año Nuevo is our main destination today. This is the best time of the year to see the elephant seals because both the females and the males are in residence. The females came ashore in December to give birth to their pups and the males arrived a bit later to start organizing their harems. Between […]

Continuing on our visit to Ano Nuevo we’re heading down the trail towards the point and the elephant seals. (Click on the photos for larger versions) To the right of the path was a small pond. Further on there is a wooden viewing platform with information boards about the birds which frequent the pond and […]

It was a Friday. Neither Tom or I were working that day so decided to go and see the elephant seals at Ano Nuevo –  on the San Mateo coast. Ano Nuevo is a State Park and the best place to see these unusual seals. They are called elephant seals because the males have long […]

Another beautiful spring day in sunny California. Our main destination today is Franklin Point on the San Mateo Coast. As we drove towards the coast on Highway 92, the sun was rising. The slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains were bathed in a reddish tint and everything looked glorious. (Click the photos for larger versions) […]

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