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Several people have asked us where our favorite places are in the Bay Area and our suggestions of places to visit either for themselves or for ideas as to where to take visitors. Recently my daughter Lizzie and her husband Ric visited from England for a couple of weeks. We thought it would be a good […]

Another trip to San Juan Bautista, goody, goody. Once again we stayed overnight in the ‘Little House’. The day started very well. We planned to drive to San Juan, buy coffee at Vertigo and go to the house for breakfast. Our plans had a set back though. As we were approaching San Juan, we suddenly […]

Part two of our San Juan Bautista weekend. On Friday, after being woken by roosters, we walked to Vertigo Coffee for our early morning pick-me-up.  Walking through a sleepy San Juan gave us a warm fuzzy feeling. No harsh street lights and the feral chickens foraging for breakfast felt surreal. Most of the houses we […]

When we had our house tented for fumigation, we had to vacate for a couple of days. Termites are a constant problem in the Bay Area but folks from other countries may not be aware of the damage they can do to wooden structures. Most houses in the Bay Area are constructed of wood. Where […]

We spent the weekend in San Juan Bautista and it certainly was a hot one. Thank goodness the temperatures in San Juan were at least ten degrees cooler than in San Jose. As we spent the weekend with Don and Arlene, Tom’s Dad and his wife, and they were not arriving until midday, we didn’t […]

We decided to take a drive to Salinas today. Instead of taking 101, we drove down Monterey Road all the way to Gilroy. Now Monterey Road can be a bit of a pain, but early in the morning, with the lights mostly in our favor, it was a pleasure to drive along. Admittedly the road […]

San Juan Bautista is one of our favorite towns and it is only forty five minutes from home.  It is a place we will be visiting more often in the future because Tom’s father, Don, and his wife Arlene have bought a home there.  Normally we visit San Juan (as it is affectionately called) early […]

We drove into San Juan Bautista at 7 am and the sun was shining, which was pretty amazing as fog was surrounding the area.  South of Gilroy we hit light fog and it looked thicker ahead.  We were convinced San Juan Bautista would be blanketed in fog. As we left the highway and entered the […]

The Mission Cafe in San Juan Bautista is again open for business.  This time last year it was closed and forlorn but in March 2008 it reopened.  Many times in the past Tom and I have had breakfast here.  My first visit was in February 2001, just half an hour after Tom had proposed and […]

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