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This was my first real visit to the Mission district and it was quite an eye opener. We headed to Folsom and 24th Street, which is pretty much the center of the Mission. Parking was really difficult. All of the off street parking was taken by residents but there were a few spaces at parking […]

Here we are in the Mission district in San Francisco and hungry for breakfast. As the Mission has a lot of Mexican restaurants, Tom had a hankering for Mexican food. From the outside, Gallardo’s does not look that exciting and I was reluctant to give it a try but Tom said the reviews were good […]

Our trip today is to Lands End, which is the western edge of San Francisco at the entrance to San Francisco Bay. On our way north we could see a huge band of fog covering San Francisco so we wandered just how much visibility there would be. We stopped at Peet’s on Geary for a […]

Tom and I wanted to see the sixth and  final day of the first round of the America’s Cup World Series in San Francisco, so we set out very early on Sunday morning. We were expecting fog in the city but it was a beautiful, sunny day. Click on the photos for larger versions. After our […]

We were on our way to the Marina in San Francisco to watch the last day of racing in the first round of the America’s Cup World Series but needed breakfast beforehand. We found a nice little place on Chestnut Street in the Marina district called Judy’s Cafe. The cafe is one of several in […]

After breakfast, before we headed back to Dogpatch, we decided to check out the crookedest street in the world. Most people think that Lombard Street, further to the west in San Francisco, has that title because it has one more turn but Vermont Street is shorter and steeper. It was further up Potrero Hill from […]

It didn’t take us very long to drive from Dogpatch to Plow on 18th and Texas. Even though Plow had  been open for less than half an hour, already there were people waiting outside. On the door is a notice saying that due to their modest size customers were asked to wait outside after giving their […]

Tom and I thought we knew most of the neighborhoods in San Francisco but this week someone mentioned Dogpatch to me. Curious to know about it, I asked Tom. He had heard of it but didn’t quite know where it was situated. We googled the name and discovered it was south of Market and close […]

Before heading to Point Bonita Lighthouse in the Marin Headlands, we required breakfast. We parked in a small car park just off Irving Street in San Francisco and set off to walk down Irving Street. The first breakfast place we came across was the Crepevine and it looked really interesting. We have been to the […]

Point Bonita Lighthouse has sat on a rocky outcrop, safeguarding the entrance to San Francisco Bay, since 1877. The only way to get to it is by walking down a steep path, through a tunnel hewn through rock and across a vertigo inducing, swaying suspension bridge. Tom and I last visited this lighthouse two years ago, just […]

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