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Rob, my son, was visiting from the UK. As he had never been to Locke we decided to take him for a day visit. The weather was not kind to us at all, in fact it rained for most of the time. We also had a task to do. Cathleen made a comment on our […]

After breakfast at Alma’s River Cafe, we drove to Sacramento.  The fog had lifted slightly.  At least we could see to the other side of the river.  It looks like the sun will win through and we will have a nice day. We took Highway 160 all the way into Sacramento and the road ran […]

After a wonderful night’s sleep, Tom was up at 6 to walk round Locke to take some early morning photos.  When he returned he mentioned he saw lots of bats flying back to their day time roosts in the attics of houses.  Unfortunately he didn’t manage to get any photos of them. One of the […]

I have been planning this weekend for some time but at the last moment I thought it was not going to happen.  It is Tom’s birthday next week and, as a surprise, I booked two nights in Locke at a vacation rental.  It is described as – ‘A Delta Gem – Unique Loft – Historic Chinese […]

We’ve been looking forward to this trip for a few weeks.  As Tom’s family were not able to get together for Easter, Jim, Tom’s cousin, suggested and then booked a Delta Eccotour.  Hartland Nursery. on Grand Island, run several boat trips a year and we were booked on the Tule Wilderness tour on June 6. […]

Instead of turning right at Ryde we turned left on Highway 60 to the next bridge and crossed over the river into Walnut Grove.  We parked the car and went for a wander around the small town. (Click on the images for larger versions) Walnut Grove is one of the earliest settlements along the Sacramento […]

The clocks were put forward last night so we had one hour’s less sleep but we were still up at 5.  I had to stop thinking that it was really only 4 am! We were on our way to the Sacramento River Delta, so called because this is where the Sacramento River flows into the […]

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