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There was no doubt our bed at the National Seashore Lodge was comfortable but the room became really hot during the night. We woke at 7, at which time Tom got up, had a shower, got dressed and went out to take some photographs. I set about seeing if I could turn down the heat, […]

Tom and I love Point Reyes. It is about an hours drive from San Francisco but it seems like a million miles away. The whole area is geologically different from the rest of Marin County because the San Andreas fault separates them. Point Reyes is very slowly moving north while the ‘mainland’ moves south. The […]

We were off to enjoy a weekend in Point Reyes. Our plan was to take our time getting there because we wanted to explore a few places which we not visited before, like Muir and Stinson beaches in Marin. There was no rush to get to Point Reyes as we couldn’t check into our lodging […]

It’s was Sunday of the Memorial Day Weekend and there were a lot of events going on but the biggest celebrations were to honor the 75th birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge. One of the events planned was a performance by the Golden Gate Brass Band using actual pieces of the bridge as percussion instruments for their performance of  “A […]

It was raining once again when we woke up. We stayed in bed drinking coffee and tea. I read about the history of the ranch and Dogtown in a brochure found in the loft which was compiled by Anne and Russ.  It contained both personal memories, photos and newspaper articles. The original inhabitants were the […]

During the night it rained heavily. Several times we woke up and each time we could hear the rain steadily falling. It was so nice to be snuggled up in bed. At 7 we were woken by the sound of the horses moving below us in the barn. It was breakfast time for them. Outside […]

For an anniversary surprise I booked a weekend away in Dogtown. Everybody I told had no idea where Dogtown was. In fact I had never heard of it until I picked up a book at Point Reyes Books in Point Reyes Station on our last visit. It was called ‘The Dogtown Chronicles – Our Life […]

Back in August Tom emailed me an article from Bay Area Bites written by Stephanie Rosenbaum.  Marin Sun Farms’ philosophy is their livestock are 100% grass fed and pasture raised. To pass the message on, they conduct tours of their farm every month from spring until the end of September. It looked interesting, so we booked […]

After a couple of weekends doing other things, we were back on the road again. At 5.30 we set off for Point Reyes. No breakfast blog today as we ate at home. I have been making Sleepy Morning Oatmeal and have been having that instead of stopping somewhere.  I got the recipe from Johnsie who […]

Saturday Afternoon and Evening We took a break from visiting artists’ studios by driving into Point Reyes Station. There were four things we wanted to do. The first was to find an ATM. Buying the bowl wiped us out of cash. Our second errand was to buy some cheese. Point Reyes has many dairy farms […]

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