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Our destination was Point Reyes for a day trip to look around some of the open studios. As usual, we had an early start so breakfast became a necessity round about 7:30. San Anselmo was a convenient place to stop so we parked the car and wandered around a bit before we found place open. […]

Once again I am attending a course in Sausalito, leaving Tom to go off and take photos. The course started at 9.30 so, of course, we had to have breakfast beforehand. I found found an interesting sounding breakfast place in Mill Valley called Toast but somehow we got completely lost. Time being of the essence, […]

We were on our way home from our fantastic weekend in Dogtown and stopped for breakfast in Stinson Beach. I noticed the Breakers Cafe on our way to Dogtown on Friday and it looked good enough to try out. First impressions were good. Even though it was a damp morning it looked bright and inviting. […]

It was raining once again when we woke up. We stayed in bed drinking coffee and tea. I read about the history of the ranch and Dogtown in a brochure found in the loft which was compiled by Anne and Russ.  It contained both personal memories, photos and newspaper articles. The original inhabitants were the […]

During the night it rained heavily. Several times we woke up and each time we could hear the rain steadily falling. It was so nice to be snuggled up in bed. At 7 we were woken by the sound of the horses moving below us in the barn. It was breakfast time for them. Outside […]

For an anniversary surprise I booked a weekend away in Dogtown. Everybody I told had no idea where Dogtown was. In fact I had never heard of it until I picked up a book at Point Reyes Books in Point Reyes Station on our last visit. It was called ‘The Dogtown Chronicles – Our Life […]

On a beautiful morning in late fall we tried out a new bike ride (at least for us) in Marin called the Marin Cross Trail. When I did a little research I discovered it is also called the Sir Francis Drake Bikeway. Tom came across mention of the trail in ‘Weekend Sherpa’, which is free […]

Last month we attempted to have breakfast at The Barefoot Cafe in Fairfax but it was closed. This trip we were more successful.  The Barefoot Cafe is easy to find in the middle of Fairfax and right on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. Parking is a doddle on a large parking lot in the middle of the […]

Neither Tom nor I had ever heard of Duxbury Reef so we were intrigued when we saw mention of it. Once we found out where it was – Bolinas, and there were some wonderful tide pools there, we just knew we had to check it out. If you are going to explore tide pools, then […]

In Tom Steinstra’s SF Chronicle column last week, he wrote about the Fairfax to Bolinas back road.  As we have never driven it we decided to give it a go.  Today promises to be a little cooler and, as we have been enjoying/suffering a period of hot weather over the last couple of weeks, it […]

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