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As mentioned in previous posts, we ate breakfast at three places in Hanalei. Instead of doing a separate post for each, we’ve put them altogether in this one post. Hanalei Coffee Roasters Our first breakfast in Hanalei was at the Hanalei Coffee Roasters. This was our second visit to the shop. When we first discovered […]

This was our last full day on Kauai and our last chance to do any snorkeling. We had breakfast in Hanalei (our next post will be about the three breakfasts we had in Hanalei) and then headed back to Kayak Kauai to book the snorkeling gear. I had geared myself to go snorkeling as well, even though […]

As yesterday’s trip involved a lot of driving, we decided to stay close to base today. We couldn’t decide whether to go kayaking or snorkeling. During breakfast we discussed our options and in the end plumped to go snorkeling. We drove into Hanalei to find some place where they rented snorkeling equipment. Before we left though, I decided to try the […]

The weather did not look too good today so decided not to go snorkeling. There was still an advisory out on the high surf though but Anini Beach is considered pretty safe. (Click on the photos for larger versions) We headed first into Hanalei in search of breakfast and went to the Hanalei Coffee Roasters (we’ll talk […]

This is the first day of our vacation on Kauai, the northernmost of the Hawaiian Islands. We arrived yesterday and drove to the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Village on the northern coast in the pouring rain. Today, though, has been nice and sunny. We set out early for our first day of adventure to drive […]

This is our last full day in Hawaii and we decided to take another easy day.  We decided to go snorkeling one last time.  Tom tried to persuade me to hire some snorkeling equipment, especially some sort of flotation device, while we were in Kailua-Kona last night.  I would dearly love to do it but […]

There were new people at the breakfast table today.  They were a young couple from San Francisco.  Most people seem to come to stay here for a couple of days, either stopping a few days at other places on the Big Island or island hopping. Our hot item at breakfast today was Sausage Bake.  I […]

The rain had stopped by the time we woke up.  All the leaves were still dripping though. We are going to take it easy again today but first of all there was breakfast.  Today it was Baked Oatmeal.  Now you know how much I like oatmeal but this is the first time I have ever […]

This morning a different rooster woke us at a far more civilized time.  I wonder what happened to our own rooster? For breakfast today we had Potato Frittata.  There has been a turn round of guests so there were six new people at breakfast. Today we have to get the car business sorted out.  First […]

The rooster had the grace to wait until 5 this morning before he started his calling.  It sounds as if he is saying, ‘This is myyyyyyyy yard’. We met the third couple who are staying her at the moment.  Their names are Bert and Sumi and they are from New York, so there are eight […]

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