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On to our favorite spot – Franklin Point. Even though we did not really plan where we were going, somehow I knew we would end up here. The place draws us because it is unique.

This is our first trip for a couple of weeks as we have been inundated with storms. Tomorrow the storms will return but today there is no rain and, in fact, the sun is shining. We had not made any plans to go anywhere because we were not sure exactly what the weather would be […]

Another beautiful spring day in sunny California. Our main destination today is Franklin Point on the San Mateo Coast. As we drove towards the coast on Highway 92, the sun was rising. The slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains were bathed in a reddish tint and everything looked glorious. (Click the photos for larger versions) […]

Tom found a new place for breakfast today. We have passed it many times and never noticed it. It is at Half Moon Bay Airport, right off Highway 1 and used to be the terminal building for San Mateo Airport. Lots of parking outside and lots of room inside. The first thing that strikes you as […]

The challenge we set for ourselves today was to investigate some of the coastal accesses south of Half Moon Bay on the San Mateo coast.  We normally head for our favorite spots like Franklin Point or Pigeon Point but there are many other places, some of which are private and some are unofficial. (Click on […]

It has been over a month since we have done any day trips, due to a nasty cold that Tom has been suffering from and several very wet weekends.  This weekend is not going to be any dryer but as only scattered showers are forecast today, we decided to at least go for a drive. […]

After our rather disappointing breakfast at Ketch Joanne, we took a walk along the pier. It is always interesting to look at the fishing boats. The first thing we noticed as we reached the pier were small, dead fish floating on the surface. At first we assumed somebody had lost all their fishing bait but […]

Tom and I both needed food and a hot drink. I needed to thaw out my hands after an early morning trip to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve at Moss Beach. We were making our way to half Moon Bay when I remembered that there was a restaurant which served breakfast at Pillar Point Harbor just […]

This is the day we have been waiting for – a minus low tide at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, or to be correct James V Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. Of course, there are low tides twice a day but minus low tides are more infrequent. Because Tom and I work and we take photos in the early […]

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