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After breakfast, we set out for Bridgeport, which is ten miles away from the cabin on Pleasant Valley Road. On the way we passed Wildwood Lake and pulled into a small parking area to take a closer look. The lake was formed when the Anthony House earth dam was constructed. The name of the dam […]

We had our day planned out but first we needed breakfast. Somebody had been told us that the Wildwood Center on Pleasant Valley Road had a cafe so, as it was just down the road from where we were staying, we pulled in to have a look. Sure enough, there was a cafe which served […]

Maybe because of the total seclusion of our log cabin but more probably due to our late night, it was 8.30 before we stirred. Tom likes to get up early to take photos but the sun was way up before we had even opened our eyes. He did take some photos from the balcony though. […]

Old Town Cafe is in the historic downtown area of Grass Valley. After our late night we woke up at 8.30 so we didn’t set out for breakfast until 10am. For us, that is very nearly lunch time! Neither of us was very hungry after our gorgeous meal last night but Tom needed coffee. Grass Valley is the nearest […]

This is the start of the long Memorial Day weekend. For me it is a four day weekend because I have every other Friday off. We are off to spend three nights in a secluded log cabin in Penn Valley which is in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Penn Valley is close to both Grass Valley […]

We’re off on another trip to the Gold Country, this time to the El Dorado wine region.  Originally we were planning a day trip but as El Dorado is further than our normal destination in the Gold Country, we decided to make a weekend of it and booked overnight accommodation at a bed and breakfast. […]

Mollie, our GPS, let us down at the last minute.  Normally she gives us due warning that our destination is coming up, but not this time.  We were right on top of Zachary Jacques when she said ‘destination on the left’ and we sailed right past.  For the next mile we searched in vain for […]

The Gold Country is a fair drive away from San Jose, so we left at 5.20 in the morning.  Planned to make it to Copperopolis for breakfast.  After an hour, we were driving over the Altamount Pass towards Tracy.  Half an hour later we had Stockton in our rear view mirror, heading east on Highway […]

We left San Jose at 4.30 in the pitch black and it did not begin to get light until we reached Stockton. Mind you, the urban sprawl we were driving through was not much to look at. Just before Stockton we took Highway 4 East towards Highway 99 and then Route 88 towards Sutter Creek. […]

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