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On to our favorite spot – Franklin Point. Even though we did not really plan where we were going, somehow I knew we would end up here. The place draws us because it is unique.

Several people have asked us where our favorite places are in the Bay Area and our suggestions of places to visit either for themselves or for ideas as to where to take visitors. Recently my daughter Lizzie and her husband Ric visited from England for a couple of weeks. We thought it would be a good […]

Every once in a while we have to visit Franklin Point to enjoy the utter tranquility of the place.  See previous posts here, here and here. It was a last minute decision because we had other plans for this weekend, which were thwarted. We were going to Nevada City to look over a couple of […]

Another beautiful spring day in sunny California. Our main destination today is Franklin Point on the San Mateo Coast. As we drove towards the coast on Highway 92, the sun was rising. The slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains were bathed in a reddish tint and everything looked glorious. (Click the photos for larger versions) […]

Today the weather forecast said it was going to be a nice day so we set off for the coast. Tom had rented an expensive Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 Zoom Lens for three days and after spending time yesterday getting used to it in the backyard, he was itching to get out and use it. We […]

After stopping for breakfast in Santa Cruz, we set off for our favorite spot on the coast – Franklin Point. When we left San Jose just before 7, the temperature was already 77 degrees and it looked like it was going to be another hot one. What we needed was to cool off at the coast. We were […]

We are off to our favorite place on the San Mateo Coast – Franklin Point.  Let’s hope it is not fog bound this time.  According to the weather forecast, it looks as though Santa Cruz will be clear and bright but there is fog at Half Moon Bay.  Franklin Point is between the two, so […]

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