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We were heading out for a day trip to Big Sur and decided to stop for breakfast before we crossed the Carmel River Bridge. The Wagon Wheel Coffee Shop is roughly three and a half miles from Highway 1 so a wee bit out of the way but we thought we would give it a try. […]

Our destination was Point Lobos State Natural Reserve  to the south of Carmel just off Highway 1. On our last visit to Big Sur, we had planned to stop off at the park but, being tight with our cash, we wanted to park outside and walk in. There were no safe spots outside the park […]

From Scratch Restaurant is located in the Barnyard just off Highway 1. Many times we have driven this way and neither of us realized what a gem there was so close to Highway 1. I had found the restaurant online the day before and thought it would be worth trying out but we were not […]

We set out just before 6 while it was still dark. There is just something about being on the road while most people are still fast asleep. To watch the scenery unfold slowly as the sun rises is awesome. First you see the tops of the hills appear as the sky lightens. Then the trees […]

We are on our way to the Big Sur coast. Yesterday I looked online to see what was available for breakfast in Carmel. This place had good reviews so that is why we are here. It is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. and we rolled up just as it opened. From the […]

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