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Today we took a bike ride on the northern end of the Guadalupe River Trail. Tom and I have ridden the southern end, which is called the Upper Guadalupe River Trail from Chynoweth to Almaden Lake but have never attempted the lower end. The Guadalupe River starts in the Santa Cruz Mountains and flows northwards to the San Francisco Bay […]

When Tom and I discussed where we would go the day before, we realized that we hadn’t been to Coyote Hills Regional Park for over five years so it was about time we revisited. It was extremely difficult though to drag myself out of bed the next day, especially when I saw it was a […]

Something Tom and I have been wanting to do for sometime is to take our bikes into San Francisco and take a ride once again along the Embarcadero. Today is the day. The weather forecast is warm (unlike on the east coast and in the Midwest where they are experiencing some of the worst winter […]

On a beautiful morning in late fall we tried out a new bike ride (at least for us) in Marin called the Marin Cross Trail. When I did a little research I discovered it is also called the Sir Francis Drake Bikeway. Tom came across mention of the trail in ‘Weekend Sherpa’, which is free […]

After our breakfast at Bill’s, we made our way to Palo Alto. As it was the rush hour, we took a circuitous route. Our destination was The Baylands Nature Preserve to the east of 101 next to Palo Alto Airport and just north of Shoreline and Moffett Field. We parked in the Byxbee Park car […]

It has been ages since we have been on a bike ride and so we are now putting that right. During the week Tom checked both bikes and had to put new tires on his before they were fit to be ridden again. Early in the morning we set off down Monterey Road to try […]

Once again, we set out to do the 25 mile bike ride at the annual Strawberry Fields Forever event at Watsonville. Last year the day started out cold and foggy but today it is warm. As we drove out of the garage at 6 am, the temperature read 66 degrees. Watsonville is near the coast […]

Oh, to be out again in the early morning and on such a beautiful day. After a long break from routine due to my recent visit to England and a series of wet and cold weekends, we were ready for some exercise. The bikes were loaded onto the car the night before and at 6:15am […]

Once again we get an early start. Our route is over the Santa Cruz mountains on Highway 17. Today it is overcast but as we climb it looks clearer ahead. Maybe there will be no fog on the coast. We are trying out a new cycle path. When we participated in the Strawberry Fields Forever event a […]

This must be the closest bike trail to home but we have never been on it. Today we will try it out. We park the car on Blossom River Drive. The weather is a bit overcast but the sun does make a few appearances. There is a bit of a wind but it is not […]

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