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We are back on the road again. It has been some time since we posted anything. These last few months have been pretty hectic but a new phase in our lives has just began. On Friday I retired so from now on Tom and I are on an endless vacation. (Click on the photos for […]

We were on the road before six to drive to Big Sur. The reason we were heading to Big Sur is because we read an article in the September/October edition of ‘Via’ called ‘The Secrets of Big Sur’ by Jennifer Reese. It has been quite some time since we had taken a drive down this […]

We were heading out for a day trip to Big Sur and decided to stop for breakfast before we crossed the Carmel River Bridge. The Wagon Wheel Coffee Shop is roughly three and a half miles from Highway 1 so a wee bit out of the way but we thought we would give it a try. […]

We decided it was time to revisit Big Sur as it has been a couple of years since we took the scenic drive along Highway 1. (Please click on the small images to see larger versions, the resolution is better.  Sorry, but just about all browsers don’t do these photos justice.  Most browsers aren’t color […]

We set out just before 6 while it was still dark. There is just something about being on the road while most people are still fast asleep. To watch the scenery unfold slowly as the sun rises is awesome. First you see the tops of the hills appear as the sky lightens. Then the trees […]

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