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Once again we get an early start. Our route is over the Santa Cruz mountains on Highway 17. Today it is overcast but as we climb it looks clearer ahead. Maybe there will be no fog on the coast. We are trying out a new cycle path. When we participated in the Strawberry Fields Forever event a […]

At 6 we hit the road. It is light already but also cloudy and the rising sun is not visible. I don’t know what makes this time of the morning so magical. The flowers look bright and fresh; the trees green and even the grass looks golden and not brown. Then we hit Highway 101 […]

When I read about this cycle ride a few months ago, I was keen to take part. Now, at 6 am on the day, I am not so sure. Strawberry Fields Forever is run by Cyclists for Cultural Exchange, a non profit organization whose ‘express purpose is to further peace and international understanding through exchanges […]

This must be the closest bike trail to home but we have never been on it. Today we will try it out. We park the car on Blossom River Drive. The weather is a bit overcast but the sun does make a few appearances. There is a bit of a wind but it is not […]

Last weekend we went to Woodland for our family Easter reunion, so no post. Yesterday we decided it was time to overhaul the bikes and today is our first bike ride of the year. Coyote Creek Parkway is almost on our doorstep and it is 15 miles long. As we did not have far to […]

If you want to be far from the maddening crowd, head for Alviso. This small town, at the south end of San Francisco Bay, used to be a bustling port until the San Franciso to San Jose railroad opened in 1865. Now the marinas are silted up and all that remains are the entrances to […]

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