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First we would like to introduce ourselves. We are Tom and Margaret Husband and live in SanMargaret and Tom Husband Jose, which is 60 miles from San Francisco at the south end of the San Francisco Bay. Tom has lived in the Bay Area all his life but I have only been here since 2001 when I emigrated from England.

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What is so great About California?

We both think California, or to be more specific Northern California, is a fantastic place. At the weekends we enjoy our trips out with our cameras. Tom has a Nikon D300 and I am a happy snapper with my Canon Powershot S3IS.

Here we have everything – the Pacific Ocean with miles of sandy beaches, each one with its unique attraction, within an hours’ drive. The Santa Cruz Mountains are just down the road and the Sierras a couple of hours away. San Francisco Bay with its wildlife refuges is on our doorstep. We are surrounded by State and National parks. San Francisco city, the Marin Headlands, the wine country, Monterey, the Gold Country, Mount Hamilton and Mount Diablo are all reachable on a day trip.

Since I have been here I have seen up close and personal a lot of wild life which is completely new to me – a tarantula, a rattlesnake, numerous birds of prey, elk and even a bobcat.

Then there are the Farmers Markets, with their profusion of fruits, vegetables, nuts and fresh fish. Most weekends will find us at either the Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Campbell or San Francisco Farmers Market.

The icing on the cake is, of course, the weather.

One word sums it all up – choices.

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  1. jeff b says:

    I stand corrected. It is the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve where we go for the tidal pools. Thanks for your response. We are eagerly awaiting our next adventure to the bay area. Jeff and Cat

  2. Janet says:

    Hello. We are taking a trip from San Diego to Vancouver (and beyond) in August. Most of that stretch we will follow Hwy 1. I am wondering your opinion about the stretch from Santa Cruz to San Francisco. If you were only going to be able to drive one way would you 1. take Hwy 1, or 2. take 17 to Skyline Blvd and then take 92 back to Hwy 1 at Half Moon Bay, or 3. take 17 to Skyline to 280 (or Hwy 101), or 4. something else??? Since we are going to see a lot of the coastline I thought maybe seeing the views from Skyline Blvd would be something different that would be worth giving up at least 50 miles of it. Thanks for your site and any advice you are willing on lend.

  3. Hi Janet,

    If you have the time then Hwy 1 is the way to go. That stretch from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay isn’t as spectacular as Hwy 1 through Big Sur but it’s still very pretty. It has many beautiful beaches all very different from each other. Franklin Point and Bean Hollow are two of our favorites. Stop at Pigeon Point lighthouse too. Walk all the way out, sit on the bench and take it all in. Stop at Durate’s in Pescadero for some olallieberry pie and ice cream. Perhaps the best thing to do is take Hwy 1 from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay and then Hwy 92 to 280 and on to San Francisco.

    Skyline is a pretty drive through mostly forest so your views would limited but the redwoods in Big Basin are awesome. If you’re looking for the fastest way to San Francisco then 17 to 280 is your best bet.

    Hope that helps a bit. Sounds like you’ve planned a wonderful trip. Have lots of fun!

    Margaret and Tom

  4. Good morning Tom and Margaret,

    My name is Matthew Parker and I am with California’s Department of Transportation. We are currently creating a number of interpretive displays for various vista viewpoints along highways in California. We found a particular image of yours at:


    that we would like to ask for permission to use on one of our potential displays. If you wish to grant us permission for this one-time use of the image we will provide a photo credit to your specification on the display beside the image. We would also like to ask for a digital high resolution copy of the image to ensure the highest quality for the display. If you would like to grant us permission or have any questions regarding the use of the image, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].
    Thank you

  5. Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for contacting us. I replied in a separate email and sent you a high resolution image.



  6. Angie says:

    Hi Great photos of Locke. I came across your website when searching for images of Locke. I’m volunteering to redo their official website. They are in dire need of good documentation. Do you think its possible to use a couple of your photos? Of course we would credit you. Thanks,Angie

  7. Hi Angie,

    Thanks for the compliment. We replied in a separate email to you.


    Margaret and Tom

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