Inside the Crepevine on Irving Street

Inside the Crepevine on Irving Street in San Francisco

Before heading to Point Bonita Lighthouse in the Marin Headlands, we required breakfast. We parked in a small car park just off Irving Street in San Francisco and set off to walk down Irving Street. The first breakfast place we came across was the Crepevine and it looked really interesting. We have been to the Rain Tree Cafe several times before so it was nice to try somewhere different.

Outside Crepevine there were a few tables and chairs which were full. Inside there were empty tables but they all had reserved signs on them. Orders are taken at the counter. Up on the wall were large blackboards with their many delicious sounding dishes dishes all written up in lots of different colors of chalk. There was a large choice of scrambles, omelets, crepes, pancakes and egg Benedicts. On the counter a nice display of cookies and muffins which smelt divine. At first, I attempted to avoid the temptation but in the end bought a slice of banana bread for later. Amazingly enough, they had oatmeal ($4.95) so I was happy. To go with the oatmeal, I also ordered wheat toast ($1.75). Tom’s choice was a cheese omelet with two cheese (Harvita and Cheddar) ($7.50). Both of us drank water. Once we had paid and been given a number to display on a table, a server  showed us to one of the empty tables and removed the reserved sign.  What a good way of stopping people hogging a table beforehand and the system really worked well.

Crepevine on Irving Street in San Francisco

Crepevine on Irving Street in San Francisco

The Crepevine is not all that large and the seating is just table and chairs but each table had a small vase of fresh flowers. There were large oil pintings on the wall with a diverse selection of style – contemporary, still life, sailing boats, a flamingo, buildings. They were all very colorful. The place was buzzing with chatter going on all around. Every so often I could hear music playing in the background but unable even to hear what sort it was. Clientele consisted mainly of families with the average age of the adults being in their twenties or thirties. We were the oldest people there.

My oatmeal came in a small bowl which was loaded with fruit on top – banana, strawberries and raisins.  A spinkling of cinnamon covered the fruit. A small stainless steel jug contained the milk. Tom’s omelet was not overly plump and it came with house potatoes and an English muffin on the side. I really enjoyed the oatmeal and the toast was thick and tasted almost homemade. As for Tom’s verdict on the omelet, he was really impressed and he really liked the potatoes with fresh rosemary.

Now for my trip to the restroom and that was an adventure in itself as it was at the back near the dishwasher. There were already four people waiting, and there was just a tiny space to wait in. All the while, the  servers were bustling their way around the line with dirty dishes and the poor guy working hard cleaning the dishes had a perpetual audience. While I waited in line, I admired three small African art pictures on the wall and chatted to the others in line.

Although the door to the restroom door was a bit battered with a wonky door handle and inside, as the lock didn’t work, there were two bolts instead, the inside was not too bad at all. Half a dozen pictures on the wall, all of flowers and on a stand were some fresh flowers. It was all a bit cramped but clean and perfectly acceptable.

Tom and I really enjoyed everything about the Crepevine and will certainly go there again.

624 Irving Street, San Francisco,
CA 94121
Ph: (415) 681-5858

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5 Responses to “Crepevine, Irving Street, San Francisco”

  1. Phyllis says:

    That takes me back to our first visit in 1998! Billy used to go to Art’s diner across the street for his heart attack breakfast and I used to have fruit and cornflakes in the Crepevine!

  2. Hi Phyllis,

    Yes, Margaret and I have had breakfast at Art’s before and it’s a great little place. And I do mean little.

  3. Phyllis says:

    Hi Margaret and Tom – is the bathroom still as basic for want of a better word?!

  4. Hi Phyllis

    Art’s bathroom is very basic……

  5. Phyllis says:

    So nothing has changed! We hope to see it in november!

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