Breakers Cafe in Stinson Beach, California

Breakers Cafe in Stinson Beach, California

We were on our way home from our fantastic weekend in Dogtown and stopped for breakfast in Stinson Beach. I noticed the Breakers Cafe on our way to Dogtown on Friday and it looked good enough to try out.

First impressions were good. Even though it was a damp morning it looked bright and inviting. Inside it was large but not crammed with tables and chairs. In one window was a comfortable sofa and two easy chairs with books and magazines to hand. Unfortunately that area was already occupied but we found a table right next to a gas fired stove.

Food is ordered at the counter and served to the table. Thank goodness they had oatmeal on the menu. For $7.95 it comes with cranberries and walnuts, plus the usual raisins and brown sugar. Tom ordered a Sammy’s Special which consisted of chorizo and eggs with black beans, salsa, rice and tortillas for $8.95.

I really liked the way the walls were decorated. The theme was definitely nautical – a sharks head; a large wooden propeller; a surfboard; a large fish suspended from the ceiling; a lifebelt; a collage of shells and small rocks round the self serve coffee area; another collage, but larger, over one of the windows with a net as a background and large bits of driftwood and flotsam mounted on it. The art work varies – small oil paintings of local scenes; two of old woodies (for the benefit of non US persons, a woodie is an old estate car with wooden panels on the side); a couple of black and white photos of buildings, presumably in Stinson Beach; plus one which depicts a policeman and two scantily dressed men outside a house. But what really caught our attention was a collage made up of white plastic rubbish which had been washed up on a beach. A brightly colored but very unhappy mermaid had been painted over the rubbish giving a powerful message.

Now for the food. My oatmeal was great. A nice full bowl liberally covered with fruit and nuts. The milk was warm, foamy and served in a fair sized stainless steel jug. Tom said his chorizo was the best he had ever had. Everything on his plate was good. The salsa was hot and spicy, just how he likes it.

There were separate restrooms for men and women. The women’s was large, clean and smelt nice. There was an old wooden cupboard in one corner with a marble top. An antique looking coat rack was on the wall. Also on the wall was a large painting of an orchid. The facilities though were a little primitive.

Our overall assessment of the Breakers Cafe is very positive and we will certainly visit again. This visit was on a Monday and not crowded at all. I expect it would be a lot busier at the weekends.

Breakers Cafe
3465 Hwy 1
Stinson Beach, CA 94970
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