The Longhouse Restaurant in Gilroy

The Longhouse Restaurant in Gilroy

We were surprised that there were no breakfast places in Morgan Hill. I’m sure there are some, but either they were not open or they are on back streets.

The Longhouse is not quite in downtown Gilroy but right on Monterey Street. It looks as though it has been around for a few years. There were quite a few vehicles outside, mostly trucks and one old Dodge Charger.

Inside it is big and dimly lit. On the left hand side it was full of customers. A server told us to sit where we liked so we found a table on the right hand side, next to the window. We were the only people in that section. At the end, there was a partly opened door to another section. Being curious, we peeped through. It was a large room with a bar and smelt of stale beer. We took a guess that the place must really rock at night.

The menu is large – they open for breakfast, lunch and dinner – but the breakfast section is not very extensive. Oatmeal was there at $4.25. I did not hold out any hope that it would be steel cut oats as this is not the sort of place which would serve it. I asked the server if it was cooked in the microwave and she said the cook made a fresh batch every time. Umm – sounds as though at best it is quick cook oats but as there was not anything else I fancied on the menu, I went ahead and ordered it. Tom ordered chorizo and eggs with hash browns and served with corn tortillas ($7.95).

It won’t take me long to describe the decor as there was not one picture, poster, photo or any form of knick knacks anywhere. There were lots of fake potted green plants on the dividers between rows of booths and hanging from the ceiling. A few bottles of wine were displayed as well. The only break in the monotony was a vase of Calla lilies. I could not see from where I sat whether they were real or not but will give them the benefit of the doubt because they are in season at the moment.

When the food arrived I was disappointed with the presentation. OK, there was no garnish on our plates, which is not unusual, but it was more than that. My oatmeal was in a large shallow white bowl on a white plate and it looked as though it had been sloppped in the plate. On a separate plate were small plastic containers with butter and brown sugar, a small stainless steel jug without a handle containing milk and a larger plastic container with chopped up prices of banana. Tom’s chorizo and eggs also looked messy.

My oatmeal was very runny but at least it was hot. Tom said the Chorizo was plain but OK and he had had better tortillas.

The restroom was better than expected. It was large, bright and clean but once again no pictures or any sort of decoration at all.

Our verdict, it can be summed up in one word – bland. Doubt whether we would ever come again.

The Longhouse Restaurant
8195 Monterey Street
Gilroy, CA 95020

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2 Responses to “The Longhouse Restaurant, Gilroy”

  1. Holly says:

    Your so wrong the food is great and I,ve never had runnie oatmeal. You can have breakfast anytime and the lunch & dinner menu has lots to choose from with a very attentive staff. The steaks are awsome and the Greek combo meal on the dinner menu is really great and lots of food which it consist of lamb, steak, chicken with fresh veggiesnofnthe day and choice of baked potatoe or mashed or rice or spagettie and your also served bread basket w/butter and free desert!!! All the food that I’ve ever eaten at this restaurant has been very good, so don’t bash a business with false statements. People nthis restaurant is one of the most popular places to eat in Gilroy, Ca.

  2. Holly says:

    Ok about the other section of the restarunt yes its a very large room for the over flow and for party’s and yes they have a lot of functions held yearly and the bar is next to the room and its always clean and never smells. The bar life is always jumping with nice people and live entertainment.
    Tell the truth you walk in on a weekend night and most customers that sit in this room are having dinner and they stay for the entertainment and its always packed. The decor in the kitchen is very nice and who wants to put up posters on walls now thats tacky!!! Looks like your in the wrong business time to change because your so wrong :)

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