Almas River Cafe on a foggy Sacramento Delta morning

Alma's River Cafe on a foggy Sacramento Delta morning

After a wonderful night’s sleep, Tom was up at 6 to walk round Locke to take some early morning photos.  When he returned he mentioned he saw lots of bats flying back to their day time roosts in the attics of houses.  Unfortunately he didn’t manage to get any photos of them.

One of the questions we had asked Deborah yesterday was where we could get breakfast  I had looked online and had found nothing.  She told us of Alma’s in Walnut Grove, which is only a mile away.  So that’s where we headed to at 8 am.  In the half an hour since Tom had got back from his walk, fog had descended but we are both convinced it won’t be here for long.  The river looked really pretty in the fog though.

Alma’s was easy to  find, just a few steps away from Mel’s Mocha & Ice Cream and overlooking the river, hence the name.  On the window were painted bold palm trees with a swirl of blue and white underneath each to represent the sea, so the place is easy to spot.

Inside it was small, clean and inviting.  A pretty, young  girl greeted us and told us we could sit anywhere.  She also took our order and served us.

There was just one other customer when we arrived but several more locals turned up while we were there.  The place has a really friendly feel about it.  As I said, it is small with only five tables seating four people and one with seating for two.  Lots of room at the long counter though with a total of 10 stools.

On our way to Alma’s, Tom asked if I was hungry, especially after our big meal last night,  I said I could eat a bowl of oatmeal.  It has been some time since we have been anywhere where oatmeal has been offered but I got lucky today.  I ordered it with bananas $5 and toast for $1.20.  Tom ordered the chorizo scramble $6.75.

The decor is understated with just a couple of photos of skiers and some advertising plaques.  One painting is hidden behind the cold cabinet so have no idea what the subject matter was.

Our food was served promptly.  Tom asked for his hash browns to be extra crisp and that is what he got.  My oatmeal came in a pretty round bowl and there was plenty of oatmeal inside.  The sugar, raisens and sliced bananas came in individual ceramic bowls and the milk in a large stainless steel jug with a lid.  The oatmeal was hot too – just as I like it.  Excuse me while I enjoy this delicious breakfast.

Of course, no breakfast would be complete without a trip to the restroom.  The restroom itself was unadorned.  The water was nice and hot though.  The restaurant may not have had a lot of decoration but the corridor leading to the restroom was a different matter.  There was plenty to look at: a large oil painting of the sky (I think); black and white photos – 3 of Marilyn Monro, one of a car and a motor cycle near the San Francisco auto ferry (long since defunct) and one of nine children and a dog from the early ’50s I’m guessing; plus two lst place speedway trophies on each side of a color photo of the winning car.

Summing up our visit, Tom said his scramble was not spectacular but enjoyable.  I thought my oatmeal was great.  Would we go again?  The answer is more than likely.  Alma’s is friendly, the service could not be faulted and the food was good.  Another plus factor was the price which turned out to be very reasonable.

Alma’s River Cafe
14147 River Rd
Walnut Grove, CA 95690

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  1. leora frise says:

    I believe my uncle had the restaurant in 1970 named Riddle’s griddle
    can you verify


  2. Boy, that goes way back. We’re not sure at all. Googled it but came up with nothing. Sorry but we’re no help.

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