Zachary’s is on Pacific Avenue, which is the main shopping street in Santa Cruz. The town itself is a magnet for the footloose and fancy free and we do not often venture onto this street, which is a shame because there are some good restaurants here.

I’m always looking out for breakfast places and Zachery’s had good reviews. At 7.30 am parking was readily available outside. Zachary’s is housed in an old brick building and the interior is cavernous and funky with old wooden floorboards. At the door was a noticeboard showing the specials of the day and asking people to leave their name at the back of the restaurant and wait to be seated. It was relatively empty so a very nice server told us to sit where we wanted and suggested a window seat on the far side. Perfect choice.

The restaurant is divided into several sections and against the walls are built in high backed wooden bench seats. From our table we could look out onto the street, craning our necks slightly to look over the top of a green curtain. Our table was a bit wobbly though. I couldn’t count the number of tables as there were too many!

I didn’t see oatmeal on the menu but there was something called Hot Multi Grain Cereal. I asked the server what that was and told it was oatmeal. I ordered it along with raisins and nuts for $4.25. Tom ordered the Pancake Breakfast with Sausages for $8.25. The coffee was $1.75.

The walls were not covered with posters and photographs but there were a few prints scattered around. In our section there were four small flower prints. I noticed that there were some photographs on the other side and elsewhere a large painting. In our section, which has another entrance, is a noticeboard covered in advertisements and a bookshelf containing free newspapers.

The food arrived very quickly. My oatmeal came on a large oval ceramic plate in a small, deep ceramic bowl. The milk came in a small white ceramic jug and the raisins, brown sugar and mixed nuts – consisting of slivered almonds and walnut bits – came in small stainless steel containers. When they were emptied, they stacked neatly into each other. On the side of the plate was a slice of orange and a sprig of parsley. Tom’s pancakes were made out of sourdough so that made his day. I enjoyed my oatmeal, neither too runny or too solid. Tom’s verdict was not bad, he’s had a lot worse and some better.

My trip to the restroom was disappointing as it was very basic. Once again the only decoration was the words engraved onto the mirror with former users who had nothing better to do with their time. There were three restrooms all together, all unisex, and one was a disabled restroom.

Would we go back again? It’s likely but we want to try out all the many others places in Santa Cruz first. So far, the best one here has been Cafe Brasil.

Zachary’s Restaurant
819 Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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