Cafe Brasil in Santa Cruz, California

Cafe Brasil in Santa Cruz, California

We have wanted to try Cafe Brasil for some time but it has either not been open when we are passing (it opens at 8 a.m.) or there is a line out the door.  According to the reviews, it is worth a visit, so here we are.

The outside of the building is striking – painted bright green and yellow with banana trees planted outside.  There is a small car park at the back but the entrance is narrow and this roadway is also the exit.  We parked on the street round the corner.

Inside there is a counter where you can purchase drinks to go.  While we were waiting for our breakfast, there was a loud grinding noise.  We concluded it must be ice bring crushed at the drinks counter – at least we hoped it was.

The cafe itself is small with about 13 tables, mostly for 2 or 6 people.  The only seats at a counter are by the to go drinks counter.  There are no booths.  The tables are very close together.  At first we had nobody sitting at the next able but when it became occupied we heard every word of their conversation, so obviously they could hear what we were saying.

We were impressed with the menu, apart from the fact that they do not offer oatmeal.  Granola is there though.  The names of the dishes were different but each had a full description.  It was interesting just to read it all.   Tom ordered Orfeu Negro – black beans (veggie or chili) over baguette, topped with two soft poached eggs, Mozzarella cheese and Brazilian salsa.  Served with potatoes for $7.95.  As for me, I ordered a Veggie Fritada – three eggs scrambled over potatoes, mushrooms, green onions, onions, tomatoes and baked with Mozzarella cheese and topped with salsa for $8.25.

The decoration inside was bright and colorful. There were pictures on the wall with a definite feel of Brazil.  I particularly like the collage type art.  On the wall near us was a 2D sculpture of a vase containing tropical fruity.  Around it was a wooden picture frame – very unusual.  Also on display were Brazilian produce to buy like salsa, coffee, juices and so much more.

Before long our food arrived.  Both dishes were well presented and cooked to perfection.  Mine also came with a basket containing three slices of soft baguette with pats of butter.  Everything was really scummy.  Tom barely managed to finish his Orfeu Negro but he really enjoyed what he did eat.

The trip to the restroom was pleasant and I loved the artwork.  One was a cartoon picture of Rio de Janerio  signed by the artist Perry Foster.  The other was a bright print depicting Brazilian locals.

Would we come again – definitely.  We love the food, the service is great and the prices reasonable.

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