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Fortified by our excellent breakfast at Duarte’s Tavern, Tom and I took a walk down Stage Road. Pescadero is described as a New England town on the San Mateo coast and many of the buildings were built over a hundred years ago. There are a few unique shops to browse around but, be warned, most of them are only open Friday to Monday and they don’t open until 11. So today all we could do was browse.

Behind Duarte’s is The Old Rock Guy. This place is a hidden treasure. Located in a small trailer, it is also Clark Hansen’s home. Whether you are looking for a little gift or a handsome present, you will find it here.

Back to the main street, the next building is Made in Pescadero. This is a wonderful furniture shop with original designs. They also craft custom pieces. From the outside though you can’t see anything. It’s just a huge, padlocked building. We have been here when it is open though and it is well worth a walk round. Several times I have been tempted to buy something but have not succumbed yet – and it’s not going to happen today!

Set back from the road is Stage Road Shops, selling hand picked gifts old and new. Then comes Luna Sea which is a converted house set in a garden. Outside in the garden is a variety of unusual stone sculptures of pelicans, sea horses and dolphins and large decorated paving stones. Inside they have a wide range of unique crafted items but on the expensive side.

Next door is a vacant lot which is up for sale. Along the fence there are some wonderful blackberries which I couldn’t resist sampling.

Before the next shop there are a few dwellings but none of them have interesting gardens and they are a bit ramshackle.

In a converted blacksmiths shop is Country Roads, selling antiques and collectibles. I’ve visited this shop several times and it is fascinating. In the window today, amongst other things, was an old Underwood typewriter, a Grieg shorthand book and a collection of lettering stencils.

If you continue to the end of the road, past the turn off for North Street, you come to the cemetery on a hill. It’s worth a visit.

Walking back on the other side of the road, the first building is the Pescadero Community Church which has stood on the same site without major renovation since 1867.

Along this side of the streets the houses are a little better kept and there are some very nice gardens.

The only two stores on this side are food markets. The first one is Arcangeli Grocery or Norms Market. They bake over 20 varieties of bread and just walking past the door and smelling the aroma of fresh baked bread makes your mouth water (and I’ve just eaten breakfast!). It’s been open since 1934. Almost next door is Pescadero Country Store, formerly Muzzis Market. There is a large garden at the side with tables and chairs where they have a BBQ every Saturday and Sunday from May to October (weather permitting). I must mention here that along the fence is a wonderful smelling syringa or mock orange bush.

The only bank in town is the First National Bank of Northern California and it is right opposite Duarte’s Tavern.

And that’s it. Not a lot of shops but a wonderful collection in a unique little town and well worth a visit. After all the walking, don’t forget to visit Duarte’s Tavern for a drink at the original 1894 bar and to sample their artichoke soup and olallieberry pie.

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  1. Rob says:


    Sorry you missed the shops being open. Two sites you missed are: Phipps Ranch (1 Mi West) and Harley Farms Goat Dairy. Last working dairy farm in the county and they have a wonderful cheese tasting room open from about 11AM – 5:30ish. Come stay at our barn and enjoy a full weekend.


  2. Thanks for your comments, Rob.
    Both Phipps Ranch and the Harley Farms Goat Dairy were mentioned in another entry on the same day. Check out the Franklin Point post.
    Would love to come and stay in your charming Creekside Barn. I might get the opportunity to check out the shops.

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